Jordan Reichert announces candidacy for Saanich council and CRD.

Saanich resident and health care worker Jordan Reichert is excited to officially announce his candidacy for a seat on Saanich council and as a CRD director. Motivated by a sense of responsibility to build a thriving community and help address ongoing social and environmental issues, Reichert is running in appreciation of the work that came before him while bringing a bold vision for the future. Born and raised in Victoria, Reichert has worked in health care as a mental health and addictions worker for 15 years, helping those in need of support through their recovery process. Reichert also works for a national environmental non-profit, is the co-founder and director of the local non-profit, and the president of a provincial charity. With years of experience building community, volunteering, fundraising, and supporting social causes Reichert is ready to bring his diverse skillset to council. He also carries two degrees from the University of Victoria in sociology and philosophy.

"I see a bright future ahead for Saanich and the CRD, and I look forward to sitting at the council table to help realize the vision the community has for this incredible place we call home."

Priorities for Reichert include addressing the ongoing lack of affordable housing across the region, ensuring a high standard of environmental protection, and building safety into our neighbourhoods through infrastructure development.

Infrastructure investment that leads to complete communities is a core tenet for Reichert's campaign. Reichert believes a municipality should not just create housing, but places for people to actively live in their local area that are accessible, and create meaningful opportunities for participation. As a health care worker, it is important to Reichert that mental and physical health is ingrained into our urban planning as policy.

Reichert also would like to see an effort undertaken to re-wild parts of the local environment with education and incentives for community members to participate in building a resilient local environment in their backyards and communities that keeps our shared water, air, and land healthy.

"What we need in municipal politics is responsible optimism that understands the fiscal barriers present for the municipality and residents while continuing with investment in the community that pays dividends to our health and social well-being for decades to come."

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