The Campaign

There are a lot of issues on people's minds in Saanich right now, these are just a few that I have heard about from the community and that I am committed to addressing.  For me, ensuring the municipalities roads, side- walks, lights, sewage, and parks are well-maintained is a priority for good governance to help make day to day life stable for people while we strive to address larger social issues as a pro-active and collaborative council.

Modern Houses


The lack of affordable housing in our region affects everyone. Creating more rental units and a diversity of housing options must be an ongoing priority for the next council.

Sun through the Branches


There is no greater threat to our collective well-being than the loss of a healthy environment. Saanich is fortunate to have substantial green spaces and wildlife, we need a council who will continue to ensure environmental integrity.



From the price of food and gas, to rent and property tax everything is costing more. We need to ensure we are doing everything we can to keep living here affordable.

Circle of people


Community is something we all benefit from and which contributes to our overall mental wellness. Ensuring that our communities are thriving, inclusive, and safe spaces for everyone must remain an ongoing priority.

Korean Bus


Building a community doesn't just mean building housing and commercial centers, we must also ensure equitable and efficient modes of transportation for all.

Bike Path


Saanich was originally a much more rural area and so a lot of the safety aspects, such as sidewalks and complete streets are lacking in areas. I want to ensure every effort is made to make everyone feel as safe as possible in their community. 


Hi, I'm Jordan Reichert

Jordan Reichert APPC Victoria small.jpg

Where I'm From

I am incredibly grateful to call the beautiful community of Saanich my home.  Having been born and raised in Victoria, I have a deep appreciation for what makes this such a special place to live, work, and play. 

My Life in the Community

I am currently a mental health and addictions worker and have spent 15 years working in this field of health care. Working with people who are marginalized, unhoused, stigmatized, and struggling with significant health issues has taught me a great deal of compassion, patience, and understanding of those in need.  It has also taught me that mental health and addiction touch the lives of everyone in our society and that it takes a community effort to address them.

In 2014, I graduated from UVic with a double major in sociology and philosophy, and also began working for a national non-profit addressing environmental and animal issues across Canada. For the past 7 years I have volunteered as a co-founder and director of a provincial non-profit building community, creating events, fundraising tens of thousands of dollars for charity, and bringing people together.  


A Bright Future We Can All 
Participate In

We are living in an extraordinary time where the call to action by every level of government is the greatest it has been in decades.  From housing and affordability to transportation, mental health and addictions, and the climate crisis, the struggles we face are present and the response needs to be urgent.

That is why we need strong leaders at the municipal level of government who are unafraid to take bold action and work with other levels of government while not compromising the cornerstone values of what make Saanich such a desirable community to live, play, and grow as individuals, families, and a society.