Be a part of building an affordable, safe, compassionate and vibrant Victoria. Jordan Reichert is an independent candidate who will be a strong, balanced voice for neighbourhoods on city council.

A Candidate For People, Animals, and the Planet. 

"We must govern with the values of tomorrow if we want to realize our goals for an affordable, compassionate, and vibrant Victoria."

- Jordan Reichert


Public policy that reflects the values, needs, and diversity of Victoria.


Affordability is the most pressing issue facing our city. To protect the identity, sense of community, and diversity of Victoria, people need to be able to participate and live here. As a cornerstone of affordability, we must create safe, inclusive, and meaningful, and environmentally friendly housing for all.


* Using new powers granted to municipalities, rezone more properties for rental housing.
* Increase rental housing by 3000-6000 more units.
* Define affordable housing as that which costs 30% or less of someone's income.
* Explore and investigate a diversity of housing options to meet the needs of residents including tiny houses, co-operative housing, and other non-market housing.
* Fight for tenants and workers rights in the spirit of social equity.
* Support the City of Victoria as a Living Wage Employer to set an example for local business.
* Cut unreasonable property tax increases for landowners.


Our stunning local environment is what makes Victoria one of the best places to live on Earth. Environmental protection should be built into every level of public policy and be the foundation we enhance our community on.


* Establish stronger protection for our urban canopy which is continually being diminished.
* Create policy for developers to show how their proposals have taken the environment into account.
* Explore re-wilding parts of our local parks to maintain and restore their ecological integrity.
* Conduct an Urban Metabolism analysis of the city to better address climate change.
* Create initiatives to educate people about the environmental impact of animal agriculture and encourage vegan lifestyle choices.


Poverty and the socio-economic disparity between the wealthiest and poorest in our community continues to grow. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect and dignity, and we must be compassionate in our approach to understanding and supporting those in need.


* Work to fight stigma and discrimination against those who are experiencing mental health, addictions, and homelessness issues.
* Build relationships with communities that need support and value their stories and experience.
* Empower people with knowledge and resources to obtain the services and support they need.
* Advocate for a basic living wage in B.C.


People need to be able to trust their local councillors and know that they are governing in the community's best interest. Respect between government and residents will help foster positive communication and outcomes.


* Govern as a neighbour who shares the same joys and struggles.
* Listen to and implement community concerns when they are affected by public policy changes.
* Create opportunities for the public to engage and participate in decision making.
* Empower residents to protect and maintain the identity and integrity of their communities.

Animal Inclusive

For the first time in Victoria, build a community that is animal inclusive in its policy. We need a genuine representative for animals on city council who understands the issues when they arise and also the solutions.


* Establish an external Animal Advisory Committee which would bring animal concerns to the city's attention.
* Establish a small fund for addressing animal issues pro-actively.
* Create public policy that firmly opposes the public exploitation of animals.
* Provide education and resources to residents on how to co-habitat respectfully with urban wildlife and domestic animal companions.


With a diversity of cultures and communities, Victoria is a alive with festivals for the arts, community markets, and community celebrations. These events not only invigorate our communities, they share the story of the lives and interests of our residents with one another to expand each other horizons.


*Create a barrier-free Victoria that is accessible and welcoming to those with disabilities. Inviting greater public participation.
* Revitalize Centennial Square as a vibrant and safe community hub while also making it more viable as an festival and event space.
* Support local arts, film, and culture to empower a diversity of programming and interests on a world stage.

People Positive

At the heart of a city are its people.
It is essential that we create a Victoria that is full of positive spaces and opportunities for youths, families, seniors, and individuals to thrive. By empowering our people to be expressive and creative in our neighbourhoods, we encourage them to care about where they live and the lives around them.


*Encourage youth participation and leadership in social policy development.
*Create family positive events with child care to foster democratic engagement.
*Seek out the knowledge and experience of seniors and make sure their voices are present in the community.
*Encourage inter-generational knowledge sharing and community building.

Indigenous Reconciliation

We have a lot of work to do in communities across Canada towards indigenous reconciliation. Victoria should be a leader in this area. Celebrating, understanding, and welcoming indigenous culture enriches our communities and lives.


*Work with indigenous communities and leaders to take meaningful steps towards reconciliation.
*Create opportunities for education in neighbourhoods about traditional indigenous place names and culture.
*Build linkages between indigenous and settler communities to fight racism and stigma.


Transportation connects people with each other and places. Having affordable, safe, and reliable transportation is essential to building strong communities. Moving forward, we must build transportation that is environmentally sustainable and active.


*Create a regional transportation authority to engage in a comprehensive public and active transportation network across the region.
*Commit to low-cost, low-carbon public transit that is reliable and connects the region
*Continue with public and business consultation to build a integrated, safe, and regional bike network.
*Enhance walkways, crosswalks, and lighting to encourage walking and active transport across the city.


jordan reichert
jordan reichert
jordan reichert

About Jordan

Born and raised in Victoria, B.C., Jordan is a mental health and addictions worker, animal advocate, and community organizer in his home town. In the fall of 2015, he ran in the Canadian federal election in Victoria, B.C. for the Animal Protection Party of Canada.

Jordan has worked as a marine electrician, in the service industry, for the Victoria Cool Aid Society, and has been employed at Island Health for the past 9 years as a mental health and addictions worker.  He co-organizes a number of organizations and events including the Vancouver Island Vegan Association, Vegtoria Veg Fest, Animal Advocacy Camp, Pets OK B.C., the View Royal Rabbit Rescue and the Victoria Horse Alliance.

In 2014, Jordan graduated with distinction from the University of Victoria with a double major in sociology and philosophy. After the 2015 federal election, Jordan became the West Coast Campaign Officer for the Animal Protection Party of Canada and is employed by the Animal Alliance of Canada.

He has written numerous papers, blogs, and given public presentations on political, animal and social justice issues. As well, he has often volunteered his videography, photography, graphic design, and editing skills to local environmental, social justice, and animal advocacy organizations in need of pro-bono support.

Jordan is an experienced community leader and advocate, and has presented to council many times on a variety of issues including budgets, infrastructure, banning single use plastic bags, promoting a guaranteed basic income, recovery services, animal advocacy, as well as affordable and pet friendly housing.

Although Jordan is not yet a city councillor, he is regularly contacted by residents in Victoria for his advice and opinion on a variety of issues affecting them in the community which he is happy to help with.


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Signed, Marianne Alto, Laurel Collins, Sharmarke Dubow, Marg Gardiner, Michael Geoghegan, Lisa Helps, Rose Henry, Sean Leitenberg, Grace Lore, Jeremy Loveday, Pamela Madoff, Sarah Potts, Jordan Reichert, Alexander Schmid, Ted Smith, Charlayne Thornton-Joe, Geoff Young


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